An invitation to engage in quiet reflection and more effective action, gathering strength and rebuilding for the longer term

The distinguished Professor Eliot Sorel, Clinical Professor of Global Health, Health Policy and Management and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA (Former President, World Association of Social Psychiatry), wrote a new article, entitled “The COVID19 Pandemic: A National and Global Social Contracts Stress Test”, and published online on August 14, 2020 [Sorel E. The Covid‑19 Pandemic: A National and Global Social Contracts Stress Test. World Soc Psychiatry 2020;2:72-3.]
Professor Eliot Sorel is highlighting the imperative of “reviewing and revising our social contracts, making them transparent to all and providing the necessary enforcement mechanisms for their sustainability and effectiveness as well as correcting the inequities revealed by the pandemic stress test… and also reviewing and revising the assumptions of the health, economics, and environment trifecta.”
He also remembered that: “Our brains are wired to connect and to belong.” [Sorel E. The social brain: Wired to connect and belong. World Soc Psychiatry 2019;1:23‑4.]
The logic of terms is inviting us to thinking and reasoning, knowing how clear is the effect of emotions on reasoning performance.