Professor Eliot Sorel: Keynote lecture at the U.S. National Leadership Summit of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions


We were recently informed that: “Eliot Sorel, Clinical Professor of Global Health, Health Policy & Services Management, and of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences gave the keynote lecture on “TOTAL Health: Embracing Whole Person Healthcare” at the National Leadership Summit of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions held in Pittsburgh, PA., on Wednesday, June 26, 2019” (entry posted in Global Health by mcreid).
It is also worth remembering that:
● A year ago, on June 1-2, 2018, the Wilsonian Club (a nonprofit corporation that promotes education, study, and understanding of the modern nations of Central and Eastern Europe), Washington, DC, hosted the conference “The Rebirth of Europe”, Professor Eliot Sorel being a member of the Organizing Committee and the first speaker at this Conference (Session 1: Celebrating Creators and Paris Conference Participants), where he presented the topic “President Woodrow Wilson’s Strategic Vision for a Post-World War I Europe”;
● Professor Eliot Sorel underlined in 2016 not only the catalytic role played by President Woodrow Wilson in leading the Paris Peace Conference that started in January 1919 and in successfully concluding the Versailles Treaty of June 1919 and the Trianon Treaty in June 1920, but also the superb performance delegation (during the antecedent six months and after) of the Romanian led by Queen Marie, Prime Minister Ion I.C. Bratianu and Minister Nicolae Titulescu at the Paris Peace Conference;
● Well-known as a catalyzer in promoting Romania’s culture in the United States of America (the Romanian monasteries, food, crafts, music and dance), Professor Eliot Sorel initiated and led the so-called „Opening the Gates to Romania” project at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, in 1999 – on that occasion, a wooden Maramures church was also build piece by piece on the National Mall in the center of Washington as part of the year 1999’s Festival; the world’s largest museum and research complex, the Smithsonian (founded in 1846), is a true steward and ambassador of cultural connections, its generous work wisely promoting understanding of world cultures.