The German art-therapist Marie-Christin Hallier about Social Inclusion


Forum Art Business (FAB) is a well-known subsite of the European Retail Academy (ERA, founded with the view to support the Bologna-process and the interaction between theory and application in the field; ERA Hall of Fame selects each year distinguished personalities who stands out in terms of outstanding contributions within the international interaction of research and applied sciences).


FAB recently informed us that: “Additional to mental/body handicaps lately there are also quite a lot of social disruptions due to wars/other migration or just from conflicts within the surrounding of people” the German art-therapist Marie-Christin Hallier (Her Website) stated explaining her additional education for social development therapy. The socio-emotional profile of the patients is measured and documented over several weeks. Especially focused are frights, defense mechanisms, chances for social interventions, the individual private reality and the evaluation of the living environment. In Germany the specific courses for teachers are taught in a mix of theory and applied/vocational case-studies and supervision of 48 hours over a period of a year.


Let us remember that four years ago it was underlined (see also below) the team’s international initiative – of Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier and Marie-Christin Hallier – related to “Mental Health aspects: Art Therapy and Alternative Medicine”, and also the opinion expressed by Marie-Christin Hallier with regard to the three options of the Art Therapy, and also the fact that Self-Portraits in Art Therapy might be a first step for participants/patients to get an insight into himself/herself and might be followed by a second step: changing life (“WPA 2015 Bucharest, a love of humanity, by emphasizing on the basic values of solidarity and reciprocity”, Romanian Distribution Committee Magazine, June 2015, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp. 54-57).