The official closing of the “Carol Davila” UMF’s “University days”, of the Tenth Edition of the “National Academic Book Saloon”, and of the “Medical Students Days”


It is said that an event can be a good lesson if people can experience it as a community looking for solutions and inspiration, life being a learning process. Friday 6, October 2017 the beautiful Council Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest (UMF), hosted the official closing of the “University days”, of the Tenth Edition of the “National Book Salon”, and of the “Medical Students Days”.
This last memorable moment in the significant series of inspiring events was opened by the distinguished Rector of “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Academician Ioanel Sinescu, who underlined the importance of the awareness for the value created by the above mentioned three events, the strong link between these events and their impact on the community, considering both the power of the present moment over what happens in our future, and the role of self-awareness within this framework, by joining the conversation, learning, sharing opinions, contributing and adding value. It was also highlighted that the value in health must be seen as meeting societal needs.

Congratulating both participants and organizers, Academician Ioanel Sinescu argued that we all have a responsibility to ensure that our work functions, supporting the development of the professional skills, and ensuring progress by clear commitments.
On this special occasion, three types of Diplomas were awarded:


  1. 1. “Carol Davila 2017” Diplomas, for remarkable scientific works launched at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Congress, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives”:

▪ To Academician Leonida Gherasim, for “Actualities in Internal Medicine”:

▪ To Academician Victor Voicu, for “The Impact of Pharmacological Therapy on Quality of Life in Geriatric Depression”;

▪ To Professors Nicolae Suciu, Achimaş Cadariu, Nicolae Bacalbaşa, Alexandru Blidaru, for “Handbook of extrapelvine surgery for ovarian cancer”;

▪ To Professor Gheorghe Peltecu and Dr. Anca Maria Panaitescu, for “Medical affections in pregnancy”:

▪ To Professors Silviu Constantinoiu, Ioan Cordoş, Constantin Ciuce, Viorel Scripcariu, for “Tratat de patologie și chirurgie esofagiană”;


  1.  2. “National Academic Book Saloon 2017” Diplomas:

• “Intraoperative atlas of oncogenecological surgery”- Suciu Nicolae

• “News and perspectives on celiac disease in children and adults” – Mariana Jinga

• “Atlas of colposcopy” – Liana Pleș, Mircea Octavian Poenaru, Anca Daniela Stănescu

• “Breast Cancer – Rare clinical forms” – Dănuț Vasile, George Iancu

• “Diagnosis and therapeutic management of anterior cruciate ligament. Clinical and Imagistic Study through Magnetic Resonance”- Ion Bogdan Codorean

• “Questions with multiple answers in medical semiology” – Dorin Dragoş

• “Medical Anthropology. Introductory elements” – Adina-Brîndușa Baciu, Laura-Oana Stroică, Adin-Daniel Robe, Alexandru Teodor Ispas

• “Basics of Pharmaceutical Practice” – Victoria Hîrjău, Dumitru Lupuleasa


  1. 3. “University days” Diplomas to the students who achieved outstanding performance in the previous academic year (two first-year students, 8/II, 10/III, 27/IV, 45 fifth-year and sixth-year students) were also awarded.


After the impressive ceremony, a fruitful dialogue between the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Cătălin Cârstoiu, and the students who achieved outstanding performance in the previous academic year took place.

At the end of this fruitful dialogue students had the honor and pleasure to make some photos with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Cătălin Cârstoiu, and the Vice Dean, Professor Simona Ruță.