The Second International Congress “Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Wellbeing for Central & Southeast Europe”, SANABUNA 2012…Read More

The Second International Congress SANABUNA was organized by the „Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest – under the patronage of the Romanian Patriarchate, The Romanian Academy, and The Ministry of Public Health, The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport – in collaboration with the International Association of Distribution (A.I.D.A. Brussels), Romanian Distribution Committee and European Retail Academy, in partnership with The Romanian-American University, The National School of  Political Science and Public Administration, „Romȃnia de Mȃine” Foundation, and Romanian Scientific Society of Management (SSMAR).

The opening of the SANABUNA International Congress lifted up the participants ‘soul thanks to an insightful “Gaudeamus Igitur” (interpreted by the“Vox Medicalis” Choir of the Medicine and Pharmacy students) and to the beautifully interpreted with sensibility Ciprian Porumbescu’s Balad and of the well-known song “Oh Happy Day” (sung by the Choir of the Fălticeni  “Ion Irimescu” Foundation).  As it is already known, the music composed by Ciprian Porumbescu has a unique aesthetic value , being rich in nuances, inspiring and magnetizing, representing a real expression of sensing the divinity in the surrounding world. All the participants were also really impressed with the significant Message – “Co-responsibility and co-operation for a healthy life” – of His Beatitude DANIEL, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, read on this occasion by a special representative.

Professor Florian POPA, President of the Congress and Honorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee, Professor Eliot SOREL, Honorary President of the Congress, Cătălin Ioan NECHIFOR, President of the Suceava County Council, Professor Petru FILIP, Dimitrie Cantemir” University, Bucharest, and Vice President of the Romanian Senate, Florin SINESCU, Prefect of the Suceava County, Associate Professor Florian BODOG, Secretary of State, Ministry of Health, Gheorghe Cătălin COMAN, Mayor of the Fălticeni City, Professor Vasile ASTĂRĂSTOAE, Rector of the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacie, Iaşi and President of the College of Physicians of Romania, Cristian ADOMNIŢEI, President of the Iaşi County Council, Professor Remus PRICOPIE, Rector of the National School of  Political Science and Public Administration, Academic Ion ABABEI, Rector of the “Nicolae Testemițianu” University of  Medicine and Pharmacie, Chişinău, Professor Theodor PURCĂREA, Professor at the Romanian-American University, President of the Romanian Distribution Committee and Member of the Board of A.I.D.A. Brussels, Alexandru RADULESCU, Vice President of the Suceava County Council, Ovidiu DONȚU, Director of the Chancellery of the Prefecture (promoter of the tourism project entitled “Discover Voivodal North”), Gheorghe ALDEA, Vice Mayor of the Fălticeni City, and other distinguished foreign guests (the participants expressed the appreciation for the pertinent Message of the Secretary General of A.I.D.A. Brussels, Professor Leon F. WEGNEZ: or local representatives of the Scientific Committee, such as Dr. Tiberius BRĂDĂȚAN, Dr. Mihaela COMAN, Dr. Vlad MURARIU, Dr. Maria TOMESCU, have given substance to the debates from the very beginning. There was no doubt that „the therapist” lies in each of those who commit to enter the partnership for “Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Wellbeing” („SANABUNA” International), a partnership which can restore trust in life and in the market, taking into account that the health of the people and of the economy lies in the center of sustainable development and adapting the business accordingly.


As it is well known the fact that nutrition represents the bridge between agriculture and health, and food is one of the greatest contemporary actors on the political scene, as well as the fact that public health aspects are often marginalized amid the competing interests of producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, caterers and consumers, and we are all consumers, participants agreed with the idea that  supplying high quality health and education services remains the biggest global challenge, and starting from this, the speech and action on this “Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Wellbeing” movement must lead all stakeholders beyond the fragments of understanding, interacting, getting involved, communicating and learning how to realize the proper change of our behavior requiring a new thinking, a new policy, a proper education located in the heart of adaptation, and proving solidarity in building trust.

We also ought to thank Professor Ioanel SINESCU, President of the Scientific Committee, Rector of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, and Member of the Romanian Academy, Professor Gheorghe ZAMAN, Vice President of the Economic, Law, and Sociological Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy (, Professor Adrian STREINU CERCEL, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee and President of the Senate of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, Professor Constantin ROŞCA, President of the Romanian Scientific Society of Management (SSMAR), Professor Valeriu IOAN-FRANC, Founding Member of the Romanian National Institute of Economic Researches (, Professor Beniamin COTIGARU, Honorary Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee, Associate Professor Victor Lorin PURCĂREA, President of the National Organizing Committee of SANABUNA International, Dr. Nicolae ALBU, General Manager of Aro Palace S.A. Group, Braşov, Member of the Board of the Romanian Distribution Committee and Director of the Tourism and Hospitality Department of the Romanian Distribution Committee (, distinguished Writers Grigore Ilisei and Cătălin Ciolca, our host Gheorghe Dăscălescu, Director of the Museum „Ion Irimescu”, Fălticeni and the last but not the least our foreign partners involved in the significant work of the Scientific Committee: Léon F. WEGNEZ, Bernd HALLIER, Riccardo GAROSCI, John L. STANTON, John SAEE, Riccardo BELTRAMO.


A proof of the continuity of the involvement with responsibility also constitutes the interest aroused by Professor Eliot Sorel’s proposal to include on the “SANABUNA International 2013” Agenda the topic “Global Cities: Health, Education, Culture & Development” (, making a  comparison between Central Europe and South-East Europe (considering as potential, Athens, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest, Chişinău, Kiev, Sofia, Warsaw and Vienna) in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall and big cities (Ploieşti, Iaşi etc.) and not only. And this in the context of having other issues discussed such as:

- The local Agenda  21 – local sustainable development plan of Fălticeni Municipality” (Project  PNUD ROM 98/012, 0033238 – Technical expertise provided by the National Centre for Sustainable Development– Romania; International consultancy – SiMARC Foundation, Inc USA);

- project draft “Fălticeni Challenge  2012-2013 (list of activities and objectives; intermediary stage; final stage; results provided per stages);

- the electronic message sent via the network “European Retail Academy” by Mr.  Andres Coca-Stefaniak  ( ), following the „Open Days 2012“ in Brussels (  the new EU funding programmes 2013;  Community Led Local Development Concept (; ) influencing these funds.


It is also worth to underline the students’ significant contribution to debates by re-identifying the main requirements of health services (economy; effectiveness and efficiency; value for money; equity, main reason of government involvement in health care, and scarcity being the common root to efficiency and equity; ethical issues and so on), and re-agreeing that in our globalized world we must have a holistic approach of the whole diet, of the traditional dietary patterns and of a sound mind in a healthy body in conferring greater health benefits to the individuals and to the national and world economy.